20180919_201200_0000Welcome to The Unrest: Journey from the personal to political.

The Unrest will be published biannually both in print and electronic form.

The Unrest as a magazine started in Bangalore, India, but we project global sensibilities. This magazine started, as all magazines do, from a place of anger. We wish to deal with themes that range from global politics to quotidian redemption. Most of our recent submissions have been both outrageously political and deeply personal, reasserting the feminist ideal we celebrate- “The Personal is political”.  Our focus is on the literary merit of the narrative. You won’t want a literary magazine that’s only about politics (unless it’s the New Yorker). We have short stories, creative non-fiction, interviews with literary figures and beautifully embellished and incisively raw poetry. We have a ton of surprises for our reader.

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